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Ecommerce Hosting, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway and Merchant Account

Do you need a web site to sell products online?

Do you need a full service merchant account?

Are you tired of using that "P" payment service?

Gemini Web Development has a complete package for a powerful ecommerce web site. The package includes:

Reliable hosting with ample storage space, shopping cart software with full user adminstration, email for your domain, site visitor statistics and more for $60 per month after a one-time initial setup charge. Setup charges start at $120.00.

In addition, you will be able to apply for a payment gateway with no additional monthly charge AND your very own merchant account with no application fee or monthly account statement charge. The only fees you will pay are competitive discount fees on actual purchases made by customers. You may opt for a small monthly breach insurance payment. Otherwise there is no monthly minimum charge.

Please call us at 210 647-3936 for details.

Posted: Thursday, 02 September 2010 09:28 PM