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The Social Media Craze and Your Business on the Internet

If your business has a web site and you aren't getting involved in the social media, you need to start. Social Media refers to web services that allow people to share information with each other. The value of allowing others to easily share information about your business should be obvious. A single person or your own writing can rapidly spread your name, products and ideas far beyond what can be accomplished with a static web site alone.

One easy-to-use service is AddThis which adds a large number of sharing links right on your web page. One control allows a visitor to share your web page over a number of different media including Facebook, Twitter, Digg any many more. An AddThis button even allows for easy printing of your page. It takes only a few minutes to AddThis to your site.

Facebook is a social sharing web site. Most have heard about it, but many are not aware that you can build a Facebook page for your business separate from your personal page. A business page allows you to keep your business separated from any posts, pictures and links to friends and family. Translated, that means when customers like your business page they will never see information about your latest family adventure or see your pet's picture. Facebook can be a place to post pieces of business news and be a destination you place in a newsletter or web link on your site. Starting Facebook is somewhat more involved than AddThis, but millions have done it and so can you. If you start a business page, you will need to make posts on a regular basis because the posts are dated. We can help you if have questions or need advice.

Blogging is probably is the best social media for both sharing information and receiving links back to your blog and website. A blog involves publishing articles on various topics that current and potential customers will want to read. A blog isn't too difficult to set up and there will be some effort needed to learn software basics. It's not really very hard and Gemine Web will be glad to help you. Writing articles containing a few hundred words on a regular basis is of the greatest value. A powerful blogging feature is the RSS feed to which others can subscribe or link. This means that subscribers will be notified and other web sites may carry new links back to your articles as soon as you post a new article if you develop a following. The downside is you have to be comfortable writing moderately long pieces on a regular basis. However, if you are good at it, you never know how far your message can go.

There are many more social media. YouTube is for videos, LinkedIn is for professional contacts. Then there are many advertising and recommendation platforms like Yelp and Thumbtack. There is too much to cover here. Just remember that the longer you wait, the farther ahead the competition may be. Gemini Web Development will be glad to help.

Posted: Wednesday, 06 July 2011 10:35 PM